A few words about life

Who are we?

“Bartosz N.’s activity almost destroyed my life. The worst thing is that it wasn’t just me’’


Short story

You may be wondering why we have created this website and published the data of many people. Unfortunately, sometimes the purpose justifies the means – we will continue to do so.

I also believed Bartek once. I followed his orders, we worked together, sometimes doing really cool things. Until one moment, when everything started to fall apart like a house of cards… Stranger relationships, more strange customers and less legal orders. Added to this were the covering up of evidence, problems with the police, until the moment when I stood in front of the CBA almost holding in my hand documents that were to be destroyed just a moment ago… later – thousands of interrogations. Probably even now Bartosz does not know about them or does not want to know – he washed his hands.

You will probably ask why I agreed to this? Let me tell you a story in due course.

You will all have problems. Omega is SCAM and financial pyramid - another scam by Bartosz Nafalski.