Omega.Best - a criminal model based on the financial pyramid

The company, in various sponsored materials, recruits new naive people, tempting them with quick profit. Not many people know that the project has more and more problems.

“Profits generated by the entity managing Omega are in fact transferred to Expedite Sp. z o.o.”

“In January 2018, during the activities of CBA services, in the Warsaw office located at 165 Wiertnicza Street, which is the seat of the majority of companies belonging to Mr Bartosz Paweł N., his employee and partner at that time, Mrs Magdalena J., secretly removed and destroyed during the activities of law enforcement agencies the documentation of companies that are the subject of interest of the above-mentioned CBA services and that could confirm illegal activities of these companies.”

How does Omega work, then?

As the virtual currency market grows, Omega focuses on the naivety of people, offering them unrealistic returns on investment and a share of the company's profits, with the result that payouts to participants are generated from new users' deposits.


Promotion and marketing

The company puts the greatest emphasis not on the product (which simply does not exist), but on the payment from as many people as possible. That’s how the Internet’s bullies are created, which provide the donors of capital to the company.


Offer and return on investment

The company needs constant contributions to survive. To this aim, it is tempting to offer returns on investment of up to 70% over paid-in capital within a period of 6 to 12 months.


Transfer of funds

Profits generated from new users’ deposits are in fact transferred to Expedite Sp. z o.o. company.


Fun with optimization and violation of the users' deposit of the platform

Funds coming from payments from new users are used to offer tax optimization services by Expedite Sp. z o.o. to other companies willing to perform such optimization.

Puls Biznesu, one of largest media corporations in the word and the most opinion-forming business medium in Poland:

"The three supervisory institutions explain whether the company registered in the United Arab Emirates, Nautilius Investment Ltd, operates in accordance with the law."

"In February 2019, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and the District Prosecutor's Office Warsaw-Prague South received a motion to initiate an investigation connected with the operations of Omega, a company registered in the United Arab Emirates."

"Moreover, as it turns out, the company accepts and keeps its clients' money without appropriate permission and avoids taxation in Poland."

Who is responsible for this and who is promoting this project?

The project promoters are:

In addition, 79-year-old father of Bartosz Nafalski, occurs in many companies closely related to Omega. The father of Bartosz Nafalski is:

3. Jan Nafalski (4/18 Polskiego Czerwonego Krzyża Street, 42-218 Częstochowa; personal identity number: 40070500992)

Paweł Chyc

1082 Lipnica Wielka Street, 34-483 Lipnica Wielka

Grzegorz Góra

6 Nadnidziańska Street, 28-313 Motkowice

Patrick Kovalevski


Artur Kałuża

13 Starowiejska Street, 26-004 Bieliny

Wojciech Gużda

11/1 Wolności Street, 46-243 Bogacica

Rafał Sobieszyński

23 Nowiny Street, 20-515 Nowiny

Dariusz Bereźnicki

2/5 Nila Street, 87-100 Toruń

Adam Kuczyński

12 Miecze Street, 19-206 Miecze

And many others who promote the project and encourage new and unaware sers to donations. We will be updating the list with new Omega promoters.


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