Information for injured parties

After a short break we come back with new information. During this time, more than 80 new users came to us, who have invested in the Platform or were planning to invest in it. The vast majority of these people are currently having problems with withdrawing funds. We receive internal materials from the promoters’ groups, which contain numerous confirmations that Poland has a huge number of people promoting the platform for Poles despite the geographical blockade for Poland.

We would like to inform you that we are working on the documentation all the time and in the second part of December we will provide free access to the collected evidence and material for the injured parties.Everyone will be able to use it at their own discretion. We will keep you informed on this matter.

n addition, we were approached by people who presented the Omega operating model from the inside, providing information on new promoters and alternative ways of attracting new users in order to extort them to invest in the Platform.

Within a few days we will update the list of promoters with details of their personal details so that everyone can warn others about scam promoters.

What is more, we also received new information about the activities of Bartosz Nafalski. According to our informant, Bartosz Nafalski has a binding verdict in a criminal case. This verdict was initially a suspended one, but this year it was decided to execute the sentence, so Bartosz will sooner or later be imprisoned for 2 years. We also received information that Bartosz Nafalski had been in prison before.
Another piece of information is that, contrary to what Bartosz Nafalski says, he has never studied at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, but has only a secondary education. In addition, according to the written statements he made, he receives PLN 500 a month from his parents, and transfers all his assets to his father, who lives in Jackow near Częstochowa, as well as through a chain of companies directly to Malta.

We will keep you informed. However, we would like to also thank you for all your messages (including criminal threats). Unfortunately, due to their number we are not able to respond to each of them, but every message we read and collect for evidence.

Finally, in accordance with the recent reports about the inability to withdraw funds from the Platform and on the basis of the materials collected so far, we would like to warn all investors that Omega is planning to close its business within the next few months. We will help you as much as we can. You are not alone.