Omega.Best versus Omega Watches

After the publication of material related to the proceedings conducted in the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and in ABW versus Omega, we were contacted by a person who during the verification of the platform and its method of operation, tried to determine whether Omega.Best cooperates with a known watch network Omega Watches ( due to the fact that Omega.Best uses a confusingly similar trademark. In response to this question, a Polish representative of Omega S.A. and Swatch Group informed that the company is using their trademark illegally and that proceedings are in progress in this case, and the company itself will be held liable. Below is the correspondence we have received from the concerned user of the platform in this matter:

ENG:The company operating under the name Omega.Best has nothing to do with OMEGA S.A. and Swach Group. OMEGA is a reserved name for the time-measuring equipment industry and does not concern any other sector’’.

A company taking pictures like this one directly misleads its customers. Well, I would say that this is not the first and last time….

From the left Łukasz Bożek and Bartosz Nafalski – organizers of the Omega.Best platform. The photo was taken at one of the Omega Watches stores in Vienna (Austria).